Monday, January 18, 2016

A Land Rover and Mangey Dogs

Something that I found that I thought was cool

I was on a bus and could only sit in the chairs
with my legs hanging over the railing.
I got a letter this week about how you are excited to see me on Skype for Christmas! It was still nice to receive a letter. This week was a little slow, so there isn`t much to report. We looked around all week for our investigators, but all but one went on vacations so that was fun. We just found more people to teach and that`s about it. Cristobal is going to be baptized tomorrow! It was a bit of a surprise because we have been planning all month on the 23rd of January, but yesterday he came up to me at church and asked if we can do it on Tuesday so it looks like we`re going to have a baptismal service on Tuesday. I`m excited to see how it goes. This is the last week of this change so we will see next week if I stay in Cachapoal for another 6 weeks or if I go out into a new world to share the gospel with new people. Elder SepĆ¹lveda thinks that I am going to stay and train a new missionary which would be cool, but a little daunting. I think Elder SepĆ¹lveda is going to the office, but he doesn`t want to. Well, like I said, this week was a slow one so there`s not much to report. I`m doing well and hope all of you are doing well, too. On the 22nd I will have completed 4 months in Chile and on the 12th of February I will have completed 6 months! Wow. Well, that`s about all I have. See you guys soon.
A long road in Olivar


Elder Sayler

And an exchange after he received blurry pictures of our dog Nimbus (who wouldn't hold still): 
Thomas: Nimbussssss!
Mom: he was so excited when Jacob was here and then so depressed after he left - Dad and I both think it is because he misses you so much - honestly - and then the "new boy" was immediately loved and then missed.
Thomas: Just know that compared to most of the dogs here he is a good dog, despite his consistent barking and pooping
Mom: I will make sure dad understands that :0)
Thomas: And he doesn't have sick growths all over his body, bugs like ticks the size of jelly beans, missing limbs, mange, rabies etc
Mom: oh sick. be careful what you pet 
Thomas: its easy - don't pet anything

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