Monday, January 11, 2016

100% Better and a Great Week


I swear we didn´t do this ourselves
Found a tree in Machali
Looking for Gultro
So I´m better from my sickness. It was a virus, but now its gone. I´m not taking my pills anymore and I´m 100% better. In other news this week was really really good. We have seen miracles and lots of blessings. First of all, life was really slow during Christmas and New Year´s so we lost anyone that had a baptism date and that kind of was lame. This week we worked really really hard and ended the week with 9 baptism dates. It was an incredible week. We had a lesson with a woman named Claudia. She had something happen to her brain, some sort of sickness a few years ago and now she doesn´t talk very well and her whole right side of her body is super stiff. She can´t open her hand on her right arm. We taught her the first lesson, the Restoration, which was the most spiritual lesson I have had yet, and afterward Elder Sepúlveda and I gave her a blessing that said that she would accept the gospel and also that her body would heal and her mind would return to normal. After the blessing her hand was open and relaxed. Then she realized it and it clenched back up, but it was slowly loosening as we were leaving. We haven´t been able to find her for a few days, but we will find her and she will get baptized. We have a ton of people to teach this week and its going to be a great week. I´m just a little bummed because 8 of our 9 baptism dates are for after this change and its very likely that I get changed to somewhere else. Cristobal is going to get baptized on the 23rd of January. I´m trying to find some cool stuff to send home from Chile and we just found an awesome store that´s got tons of stuff to waste my money on. Well that´s about it for this week. You guys are awesome.


Elder Sayler

PS Im fine now don´t worry

PPS If you haven´t sent that package yet-
I also really enjoy ATHLETIC SOCKS and also HI-CHEW and skittles

"Gultro" is a tiny town they were looking for

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