Monday, December 21, 2015

It's Almost Christmas


Elder Sepúlveda drew a picture of us
Well right now in Chile it is about 80-90 degrees and we are doing great. I love it down here. We have Christmas dinner with the familia Camargo and its going to be great except for the fact that all of my friends just left. Elder Smith is gone in a long lost place called Tupahue (about 10 minutes north of my sector by bus) and the Hermanas left for all the way across Chile. But its all good. My new companion is named Elder Sepúlveda and he´s awesome. He played rugby for his national team; so he¨s kind of huge. He also has only been a member for two years of his life, even though he has a year in the mission already. He may not have much time in the church, but I´m pretty sure he knows more about doctrine and scriptures than I do. He´s also better at speaking Spanish than me. Oh well, what can you do. Christmas is this week and we haven´t heard anything about Skype or calling or nothing. I think the President is running late with his weekly address that should have all the information because this week´s letter is the same as last week's. Its almost Christmas and not very many people have their lights up. They don´t do too much of that here.
And then I helped him finish it
Well work in the sector is going super well. Elder Sepúlveda is a super great and hard working missionary. This week alone we have three new investigators, a strong baptism date for the 23rd of January, and also about 20 more future investigators. We also just made everybody in the Elder´s Quorum mad at us because we had the lesson and we taught about the Priesthood, their duties as Elders and how they need to come with us on lessons and do their home teaching because we were the only people doing home teaching and that´s not even in our calling right now. We just were visiting and reactivating every less active we can find without any help from the ward. We are seeing super a ton of blessings these last few days together. First of all, my spanish is growing a lot better because we don´t speak any english, even though we both know english fairly well. We are having fun and doing great work. Thank you for the pictures that you sent. Last week I think I asked for a package. I have some updates on this:
We had a ward activity and
this was the snack table afterwards

I just bought a speaker so don´t worry about that
A super small - small nerf gun and bullets
and just as many snacks as you can fit in a large box because snack foods are expensive

Also, I would like your recipe for getting animal pee stains out of carpets. Elder Sepúlveda can't hold it in very well. Just kidding: the people before us had cats that we are pretty sure peed on the carpets and the Matrimony missionaries would like to try your recipe to get it out.

We just decided that we are going to Skype at about 5:00 Chile time, which I think should be about 1:00 your time. I love you guys and will see you soon!


Elder Sayler

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