Monday, December 14, 2015

A Good Last Week With My Companion

Hey guys!
Selfie while helping the Familia Alvarez move.
 Look at my terrible tan line...
This week was super super good. It was a good last week with my companion. We moved into our new apartment. We also haven´t showered with hot water for a week now. We had a service every day which was awesome!
 On Tuesday we helped the familia Madrid move a fridge they just bought into their house. After that we helped the familia Ruiz de Gamboa rivet together their empanada oven. 
Ruiz de Gamboa, my other family away from home.
We buy empanadas from them every Saturday.
Fabián, Francia, Maxi, Javiera, Elder Smith, Elder Sayler
A great friend of the misioneros and the misioneras -
Hugo Muñoz (Hugito) Hugo,
Hermana Squires, Hermana Ampuño, Elder Smith, Elder Sayler
On Wednesday we woke up early to make cinnamon rolls. The computer won´t let me upload those pics for some reason, but we made a double batch.We did this for a very special occasion. We have this guy we know named Rodrigo. He is super awesome and is just like the typical modern day gangster you would see in America. He speaks really good english, but talks like he´s from Brooklyn because he learned English from the TV. He also has a terrible potty mouth. The first time we saw him he swore at us and didn´t want to talk to us at all because he didn´t want us to get to know anything about him. Now, on Wednesday, he actually invited us to his house to talk about stuff! He´s come so far from where he used to be. We learned a lot about him. He was in a Chileno Supremecy gang in Santiago once, but I guess he left that after he got out of jail. His father is super rich so he doesn´t work because his father just gives him money instead of spending time with him. He lives with his Pareja, kind of like a girlfriend you live with, a pretty much wife without marriage, his daughter, and his father in law. He´s awesome. 
On Thursday we had a regional Christmas conference with the president and I think four or five zones. 
On Friday, we helped one of our favorite families here move out to Machali. Then we had a Noche de Hogar with los Abuelitos Solitos in the chapel. 
My family here in Chile - Maggie, Juan Carlos,
Elder Sayler, Elder Smith,
Hermana Madrid, Andres Madrid, and La Tonka

Another friend of ours - Hermana Ampuño, Hermana Diana,
Hermana Squires, Elder Smith, Elder Sayler

Saturday we watched the Christmas devotional in spanish and sang a Christmas song in it. Then we got our changes. Elder Smith is going to work in the office as a financiero, which means he is going to handle the money for the entire mission with his new companion. My new companion is Elder Sepulvida. He is a Chileno who has about a year in his mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but he is coming over here for health issues. It is kind of funny because Elder Smith and I were talking and I told him that I didn´t want any missionary in the mission as my new companion. And now the Lord has blessed me with a companion that´s not even in the mission. I would call that irony. And both the Hermanas in Cachapoal are leaving to other zones and sectors, so I am going to be the only one here who knows anything about Cachapoal, so I am in charge of everything now. Yippee. That´s about it for me. I´m excited to see how the week goes, it will definitely be interesting. I love you guys and will see you on Christmas.


Elder Sayler

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