Monday, November 2, 2015

"SIKE" - the way this generation spells "Psych"

Hey Fam!

So this wasn`t a very exciting week...SIKE EVERY WEEK IS EXCITING!!!!!!!!! But first to answer your questions/respond to your news:

Umm so the only picture that would load is this one of these dogs that
an Hermana that gives really good lunches has. They have huge heads.
Anyway, more pics next week, sorry :(
I can`t believe there are going to be two more Morgans and another Bowers running around...
Dad was probs just skipping church when he got sick
Halloween was lame - all we did was nothing because like four people in this entire country celebrate it.

Now for the week:

Monday I made pretzels in preparation for a Noche de Hogar (family home evening) with a family of recent converts, an investigator, and an inactive member who is reactivating. They turned out ok. We finally found an investigator we have been looking for for about 5 weeks now and he`s not super interested in anything we have to say... 
on Tuesday we had that Noche de Hogar. They changed plans on us so we ended up making the dough there, waiting for it to rise, and then making the pretzels all before the night started. And then the freaking gas ovens take so long to bake stuff and they only cook the bottom so they didn`t turn out too well. But overall the night was fun and the Hermanas brought some no bake cookies which were great.
On Wednesday we had to be back at the Casa by 5:00, but it takes half an hour just to walk to our sector so we don`t even get out there usually until 4:00 so we walked around cancelling our meetings (they usually tell us at about 3-4 when we have to be home early) and at 4:30 we turned around to walk home. Hooray for exact obedience...but that night we had tons of time so I made some more pretzels and it turns out that they work a lot better when you flip them half way through baking them. Then I found that it is super delicious to fry the dough in butter so luckily I had a ton of butter because I used about all of it
We got a new part to our sector the other day and we decided to go and explore it while doing contactos (tracting) so we went out and it turns out that the whole street we walked only had one house on it and like a billion stores (even though it says there are residential areas) and so we walked for like an hour doing nothing because that street is freaking long and we were looking for people to invite to come unto Christ. Oh well. Ugh and then that night Elder Shley and Elder Rodriguez stayed the night because they live an 8 hour bus ride away and there was a training the next day that they had to go to so we had 6 people in our tiny apartment and Elder Shley is a spaz with no boundaries. 
The next day we went to the training. It was all of the trainees in my generation of missionaries and their trainors. That was pretty good with some good food. Later that day we talked to an older lady and gave her a Libro de Mormòn. Then we left to resume our search for other investigators, Ida and Alberto, who we hadn`t found in 6 weeks (I had never met them) and it turns out they live with the old lady we had found like half an hour before! It turns out that Alberto is inactive, but we got Ida to accept a baptism date! (Side note- people told me the people would be hopping in the font down here, but my trainor of almost a year with no baptisms says otherwise. And so does everybody else who only have one or two max baptisms.) But anyway, Ida is set to be baptized on the 28 of November if we can get her to come to church. After that, we taught two of our really, really old investigators and they promised to come to church.
 On Saturday we visited Francia (Noche de Hogar familia) to buy some empanadas! Then we went to a desayuno (breakfast) with the Familia Alvarez. Then we went to lunch. Then we started our fasts. We didn`t have any time for meetings because we had to clean the church. It was missionaries and Elders quorum`s turn. So pretty much it was two misioneros, two misioneras, and one Hermano from the Elders quorum. That took a while. Then we played soccer afterward, so that was fun. 
Sunday was fast Sunday and we were both dying from walking kilometer after kilometer without food or water. We got to church and out of the 15-20 people that had committed to coming to church within the week (that we had called and reminded to come,) only 2 came and that was kind of disappointing. Then we talked to a less active family, the Familia Urra, and they told us that they weren`t going to come to church anymore and that they wanted us to stop coming back and that was a weird discussion... but we did find Jaime after that and he`s an inactive member that`s trying to turn his life around. My compañero also scheduled a meeting with our ward mission leader, his wife, her sister, her husband, and their parents for me to make them pretzels on Wednesday, so wish me luck (or pray for me, that usually works too).
Today I learned how to fry bread for breakfast and it was soooooo goood. I can`t stop my hunger, it`s pretty much when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object. When Elder Sayler`s endless hunger reaches the end of his money and an empty cabinet...well you can blame me, the suggested budget says that we should only spend $10,000 a week on food, and that`s like 14 bucks. Anyway, life here is good and I`m having a great time! See y`all at Navidad!


Elder Sayler


  1. Dear Elder Saylor: Great to read your letters very interesting to hear from you and the GREAT experiences that you are having. Learning to bake bread and cook pretzel amazing. I read Parker' letter last week and he has been traveling a lot he seems to be out of the towns there a bit far out.
    Sounds like you are doing well getting to meet people and to be able to teach, Great on the baptism that has been set. Hope that all will go well for you there and will have a baptism.
    I won't write much this week so I can see if you receive it. We pray every day for the missionaries praying that the Lord will guide you to the doors that are seeking the gospel ~!! Have a wonderful week ~!!
    We send you our Love and prayers.
    Ed & Jan Wagley, Parker's grandparents

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  3. Glad to see you're doing well man!