Monday, November 23, 2015

Blisters, Bruises and Cinnamon Rolls

I keep getting new blisters faster than the new layer of skin can grow back.
What do you think about me buying some new soccer shoes?
The camera didn`t capture just how purple and sensitive the blister really is...

So life is good in the mission. I had to stop writing in my journal during study now I don`t have time to write in my journal ever and it sucks. Oh well. All that means is that these emails are going to be shorter. This week was good. Two weeks ago we had about 10 investigators. Yesterday, our last investigator died (meaning he`s not investigating anymore). This means we have done lots of contactos this week. I didn`t get my package yet. I heard it takes from 1-9 months to get packages soo... Did you send a speaker with the iPod and stuff? Just wondering if I have to buy one or not. My blisters are getting worse, but its really just when we play soccer in my indoor soccer shoes. I might buy new ones because they`re getting kind of deep.
without frosting

with frosting
Well this week was pretty good. We made some cinnamon rolls on Monday and those turned out great. I was going to make a double batch today, but the lame zone meeting took 2 hours longer than it was supposed to so now I don`t have time.
 Tuesday all of our meetings fell through. 
Wednesday we had one with the familia Ruiz de Gamboa about going to the temple. It was really powerful. I also bought fruit! I pretty much live off of fruit and rice because I can afford tons of that stuff for really cheap. 
I had to give my first spanish blessing to some lady on Thursday. I had done anointings before, but I actually had to give the blessing this time. That was a little rough.
Friday we taught a Family Home Evening to the familia Quiroz. They are super nice.
Found this huge spider in a tree
 and tried to eat it
Saturday we had to go back to that lady`s house and I had to give her son a blessing of comfort. That one was a lot better. Then we had a short lesson with them. Later that day we found a really old member who was hurting really bad in his knees. I gave him another blessing and it went really well and afterward he got up and walked away fine. That was really cool. We tried doing a service for the lady with the blessings all week, but it fell through three times. Hopefully we will do it this Saturday. 
Yesterday we had a pretty powerful lesson with some guy we found while we were looking for somebody else. At least, it was powerful until he started drinking his beer. We also had a really great lesson with some less actives named Christian and Gabriela. Christian only has 17 years, so we had to get a member to join with us to enter. We invited some of their relatives, the familia Madrid. We entered and the lesson turned into a 45 minute lecture about coming back to
Hit my head on some metal bar
and had two of these and a fat bruise.
church by Hermano Madrid. Then we taught a powerful message about loving God and keeping his commandments. That was an interesting lesson.

Well, that was my week. I love you all and will see you before you know it!


Elder Sayler

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