Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Anyone? Anyone? 50 days in Chile

Disclaimer: Thomas thought no one had emailed him since he got on 2 hours earlier than usual. He did end up getting mom's email and responded since his time wasn't up. Those are included in his responses.

Hey Everybody!

So this week was pretty normal, but I guess I say that every day. The mission is starting to pick up in speed and the weeks are starting to go by quicker. Everybody says that the mission goes by so fast, but only now am I starting to believe them. So I´m not sure that anybody really emailed me, at least I can´t find any weekly updates from...well...anyone right now. So I guess if you guys have questions you can ask them next week. My week overall was pretty good. I gained some new stories to tell, just like every other missionary in the world. I guess I´ll just have to go throughout my week like normal...

My 50th day anniversary cake!
 It was pretty good! And the recipe was an accident!
Last week on Tuesday we found our investigator named Helmuth again. We taught him and his wife the RestauraciĆ³n. They were both really interested and both asked really good, thoughtful questions, but then they told us that they have too much history in their current church to change any religion. That made me think of the false traditions of the fathers of the Lamanitas in the Book of Mormon and maybe we will teach a lesson about that sometime soon- jajaja probs not though.
That was also my 50th day in Chile! To celebrate I made a cake with Manjar filling (its like a type of caramel) and frosting. I didn´t have the cake recipe that mom sent me, but I actually accidentally created my  own recipe the week before so I just made that in two layers. It was really well made, a great consistency and moist chocolate cake! Then I made frosting. Looked at the recipe and it said a stick of butter, chocolate, a pound of sugar, and milk to consistency. It occurred to me when it wasn´t mixing into frosting that the recipe called for powdered sugar and not granulated sugar, so then I added a pound of powdered sugar and it became frosting. Just a little crunchy and very sweet. Overall it wasn´t too bad. 
I tried to fry one in butter while Elder Smith´s cooked.
Needless to say, this didn´t work as well as I was hoping it would...
The next day we had a zone conference and taught a guy some English. We taught a family home evening with the Ruiz de Gamboa family and the Alvarez family. That went really well and it was a good lesson. Tuesday we also helped the familia Bahamonde to paint their house. We returned to help them on Thursday and had a good lesson with the familia ZuƱiga to get them to the temple. We had to be in the house by 7:00 because of a game between Chile and Colombia. We tried to make Empanadas, but since we´re poor they were really cheap and we didn´t have the oven on hot enough, but oh well they were ok.
 On Friday we had an interesting day. We had lunch with the familia Bahamonde and a family home evening afterward, but when we got there the dad was just leaving (and we can´t enter without him) and told us to return in 40 minutes. We came back and he still wasn´t home. We sat outside with their son talking about StarWars for the next hour and a half until the Hermana told us just to take lunch for the road. Needless to say our family home evening fell too. We found a nearby park to sit on the benches and eat. A guy walked up and told us to come inside to eat at his table. It was a guy we´d met on the street before so it was fine. We got in there and we realized he might be a little high. Then we ate and he and his brother had us step outside so that they could smoke. We talked about God and the Gospel for a little bit and then their friend came outside too with wine. They all started drinking and smoking and listening to Chileno screamo music. Then they all got drunk and got mad at us for trying to leave except for one of them. They tried to steal Elder Smith´s planner. The one drunk guy that was on our side almost hit his friend to get the planner back. Then we tried to leave, but the angry drunk guy had the keys to the pointed gate and wouldn´t let us out. We ended up jumping the gate to leave. That was pretty fun. The rest of that day was pretty uneventful.  

The next day we went on divisions with Elder Christensen. We did a service, taught some lessons, and went to English Class. Sunday was just the normal Sunday too. Today is PDay and we are going to try to make cinnamon rolls because Juan Carlos wants a family home evening with us and he wants cinnamon rolls so we are going to see if we can do it. Well, that´s about it. I have some pics of food, but that´s about it for this week. I look forward to reading some emails next week. I love you guys and hope you have a good week. See you soon!


Elder Sayler

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