Monday, November 9, 2015

A Bad Tan, Wet Dog Turd and Dr. Seuss

Hello fam!

Found a Doctor Seuss tree, I think it might be albino...
So these days have been, well, normal for the mission...but its going well. We had a baptism date scheduled (our first one), but that fell because the freaking investigator didn´t come to church last Sunday. Oh well, what can you do. Anyway, to answer the questions my mom is sending me...

The weather is getting awesome here. Because I can´t regulate my body heat for some reason, I still get really cold, but it is starting to get warmer. I´m going to send a picture of my ´´missionary tan´´. Its bad.
My shoes are working really well, I don´t wear the black ones very often, but the brown ones are great. My Pumas are actually giving me pretty bad blisters when we play court soccer. I think one of them is infected, it turned black and it hurts a lot, but oh well.
My pants are working really well. I managed to put on 10 pounds at the CCM working out every day at the gym and eating a lot (and yes that is an accomplishment) but out here I´ve lost about 15 pounds since about 4 weeks ago, but I´m not sure where I´m at now. Probably more...
My ugly ugly ´´missionary tan´´
I do eat constantly, but I´ve decided its better to go a little hungry than eat everything and not have any food for the next day or week

Now for my week...
Monday was good. We gave a blessing to a child at an inactive family´s house and that was cool. Then we went to Hermano Camargo´s house for a Family Home Evening and that was great. And that was Monday. 
Found this flower:
it looks like something from another planet
Tuesday honestly nothing cool happened. I wrote in my journal that I couldn´t remember anything that happened because it was so low-key. I did have a pretty good and spiritual study about faith, that was good. Wednesday had divisions and that was awful. I was with Elder "M" and that was terrible. We found a few possible future investigators and had a goodish lesson with the familia Zuñiga, an older couple trying to get married in the temple. Then Elder "M" taught a new investigator named Antonio. I say Elder "M" taught him because he wouldn´t let me say anything. Then we had a very key lesson with a recent convert named Jaime, his less active wife named Melissa, and their investigating son named Cristobal. Elder "M" ruined it. We were talking about repentance and we were talking about the scripture that we had assigned them to read. They were really engaged and we had just finished reading some of the verses to talk about that were important and were just starting to talk about how repentance is a way to change your heart and Elder "M" interrupted Jaime while he was explaining repentance to ask him if he had ever been to the temple. He´s only been a member for 6 months or so. Then I finally reworked the lesson back to repentance and Elder "M" interrupted me to ask them if they had ever done any family history. He wasn´t teaching according to their needs, he was teaching according to his personal goals. And I had told him before hand about the lesson plan. Needless to say the lesson didn´t go well at all, Cristobal has a baptism date, but the family didn´t come to church on Sunday, and our meeting with them on Saturday fell through because they disappeared. Won´t even pick up the phone. I hope it is something else and not us keeping them away. Anyway, Elder "M" has some unique ways of doing missionary work. We did our daily planning that night and we only planned for 4:00 and 4:30 before going to bed. The next day I think was the hardest day in my mission yet. We accidentally invited ourselves to lunch about an hour before lunch time and that was embarrassing, after that everything started going wrong. Nobody was home, we tried doing service for a lady in her yard and I grabbed a fat wet dog turd 
made some new friends
with my bare hand, almuerzo fell for the next day too, and just everything went wrong. We said a prayer and finally found a part member family to teach and then hung out at the ward mission leader´s house. He and his family are awesome. We were actually setting up a family home evening with them. 
The letter I wrote Elder Smith when he went on divisions to Machali
Plus that day the Zone Leaders tried to get us to move to Machali so that instead of walking half an hour to our sector each day we would have a half hour bus ride. Unfortunately, this would mean at least $35,000 a month in bus money. This is because one of the companionships in Manzanal live in Machali and have to do this. We should have a new house soon so we avoided that. The next day was significantly better. We taught a good lesson to the familia Zuñiga and found a super nice inactive family named the famillia Rios. They let us teach them a short lesson and give their super sick daughter a blessing. That was pretty spiritual. On Saturday we helped the familia Bahamonde move, what is probably the only move we will ever do in Chile. Our meeting with Jaime fell, but we did play sports with some investigators like we do every Saturday. I love playing soccer, but it takes a little getting used to the special rules for their court soccer. Yesterday was a good day too. We went to church and that was fun. Maxi, a young man who was very less active that we have been working with a lot (familia Ruiz de Gamboa) just got ordained to the priesthood and that was awesome! Then we had a Family Home Evening with the familia Madrid, our ward mission leader and his family, his brother and his family, and the familia Zuñiga. We made a sextouple batch of pretzels because everyone here wants to try American pretzels. We made a lot. Today is PDay and I have quite a few pictures to send. I love your emails and your questions, so keep ém coming. Love you all!
making pretzels

My breakfasts are starting to get really good...
mmmmm homemade!

Elder Sayler 

ps the recipes are working out really well. your boy is quite the chef

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