Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Fam-
This week was pretty good. I honestly don´t know what happened, but I didn´t take any pictures so lo siento, but there will be some next week. Thanksgiving was this week and one thing that I´m thankful for is the PACKAGE THAT YOU GUYS SENT ME THAT I GOT ON THURSDAY! Thank you so much! I was so excited! The people here are going to be so happy to see some pictures of my family finally.

This week was super great! I still haven´t written in my journal for the last 3 weeks or so just because there´s no time! I´ll try to remember everything that happened though...So this change is going by pretty fast, I can´t believe that we are already starting in on week 5 of it! On Tuesday we had a family home evening with the familia Bahamonde on tithing. They weren´t very excited to commit to paying their tithing and they didn´t come to church last Sunday, but all we can do is invite them, no más. Wednesday we had divisiones and I was in Manzanal with our district leader Elder Christenson. That went pretty well. We taught some of their investigators named Cristobal and Juancho. Then we played some soccer. I also bought a ton of fruit from the fería. I spend the equivalent of like 7 bucks and get a kilo of bananas, a kilo of kiwis, a kilo of potatoes, half a kilo of green beens, and about ten or so carrots. Needless to say, I live off of the Fería every week. On Thursday we had a service for a menos activo and we were cementing around a place where he took out a wall. Then we had lunch with Hermana Clementina Galarce. She is my favorite lunch every month! We had half a chicken and a huge plate of mashed potatoes! Happy Thanksgiving! Then we scheduled a service with her later on so that we can have another lunch with her lol. Then we revisited a new future investigator that turned into a progressing investigator, his name´s Nicholas. Friday we finally found Jaime, Melissa, and Cristobal. We have been searching for them for about three weeks again. Cristobal´s baptismal date fell through, but now we have a new one for the 9th of January. Saturday we had a service to help Hermana Fioralda clean out her nasty back yard. Luckily half the Elder´s quorum was there or it would have taken about forever or longer. We then accompanied Hermano Camargo to a free Chinese class on accident. He told us he was going to check it out and see if his son was there and we ended up staying for about 45 minutes. It was pretty interesting trying to learn how to write in Chinese in Spanish. Then we taught an Inglés Class and played some soccer. Sunday we met with Jaime, Melissa, and Cristobal. We taught lesson one with them and talked more about baptism. At church that day, we had 7 menos activos and 1 investigator! That was awesome! Finally, we enjoyed some of the fruits of our labours. Well, that was my week. Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers, and I´ll see you soon!


Elder Sayler

Monday, November 23, 2015

Blisters, Bruises and Cinnamon Rolls

I keep getting new blisters faster than the new layer of skin can grow back.
What do you think about me buying some new soccer shoes?
The camera didn`t capture just how purple and sensitive the blister really is...

So life is good in the mission. I had to stop writing in my journal during study now I don`t have time to write in my journal ever and it sucks. Oh well. All that means is that these emails are going to be shorter. This week was good. Two weeks ago we had about 10 investigators. Yesterday, our last investigator died (meaning he`s not investigating anymore). This means we have done lots of contactos this week. I didn`t get my package yet. I heard it takes from 1-9 months to get packages soo... Did you send a speaker with the iPod and stuff? Just wondering if I have to buy one or not. My blisters are getting worse, but its really just when we play soccer in my indoor soccer shoes. I might buy new ones because they`re getting kind of deep.
without frosting

with frosting
Well this week was pretty good. We made some cinnamon rolls on Monday and those turned out great. I was going to make a double batch today, but the lame zone meeting took 2 hours longer than it was supposed to so now I don`t have time.
 Tuesday all of our meetings fell through. 
Wednesday we had one with the familia Ruiz de Gamboa about going to the temple. It was really powerful. I also bought fruit! I pretty much live off of fruit and rice because I can afford tons of that stuff for really cheap. 
I had to give my first spanish blessing to some lady on Thursday. I had done anointings before, but I actually had to give the blessing this time. That was a little rough.
Friday we taught a Family Home Evening to the familia Quiroz. They are super nice.
Found this huge spider in a tree
 and tried to eat it
Saturday we had to go back to that lady`s house and I had to give her son a blessing of comfort. That one was a lot better. Then we had a short lesson with them. Later that day we found a really old member who was hurting really bad in his knees. I gave him another blessing and it went really well and afterward he got up and walked away fine. That was really cool. We tried doing a service for the lady with the blessings all week, but it fell through three times. Hopefully we will do it this Saturday. 
Yesterday we had a pretty powerful lesson with some guy we found while we were looking for somebody else. At least, it was powerful until he started drinking his beer. We also had a really great lesson with some less actives named Christian and Gabriela. Christian only has 17 years, so we had to get a member to join with us to enter. We invited some of their relatives, the familia Madrid. We entered and the lesson turned into a 45 minute lecture about coming back to
Hit my head on some metal bar
and had two of these and a fat bruise.
church by Hermano Madrid. Then we taught a powerful message about loving God and keeping his commandments. That was an interesting lesson.

Well, that was my week. I love you all and will see you before you know it!


Elder Sayler

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Anyone? Anyone? 50 days in Chile

Disclaimer: Thomas thought no one had emailed him since he got on 2 hours earlier than usual. He did end up getting mom's email and responded since his time wasn't up. Those are included in his responses.

Hey Everybody!

So this week was pretty normal, but I guess I say that every day. The mission is starting to pick up in speed and the weeks are starting to go by quicker. Everybody says that the mission goes by so fast, but only now am I starting to believe them. So I´m not sure that anybody really emailed me, at least I can´t find any weekly updates from...well...anyone right now. So I guess if you guys have questions you can ask them next week. My week overall was pretty good. I gained some new stories to tell, just like every other missionary in the world. I guess I´ll just have to go throughout my week like normal...

My 50th day anniversary cake!
 It was pretty good! And the recipe was an accident!
Last week on Tuesday we found our investigator named Helmuth again. We taught him and his wife the Restauración. They were both really interested and both asked really good, thoughtful questions, but then they told us that they have too much history in their current church to change any religion. That made me think of the false traditions of the fathers of the Lamanitas in the Book of Mormon and maybe we will teach a lesson about that sometime soon- jajaja probs not though.
That was also my 50th day in Chile! To celebrate I made a cake with Manjar filling (its like a type of caramel) and frosting. I didn´t have the cake recipe that mom sent me, but I actually accidentally created my  own recipe the week before so I just made that in two layers. It was really well made, a great consistency and moist chocolate cake! Then I made frosting. Looked at the recipe and it said a stick of butter, chocolate, a pound of sugar, and milk to consistency. It occurred to me when it wasn´t mixing into frosting that the recipe called for powdered sugar and not granulated sugar, so then I added a pound of powdered sugar and it became frosting. Just a little crunchy and very sweet. Overall it wasn´t too bad. 
I tried to fry one in butter while Elder Smith´s cooked.
Needless to say, this didn´t work as well as I was hoping it would...
The next day we had a zone conference and taught a guy some English. We taught a family home evening with the Ruiz de Gamboa family and the Alvarez family. That went really well and it was a good lesson. Tuesday we also helped the familia Bahamonde to paint their house. We returned to help them on Thursday and had a good lesson with the familia Zuñiga to get them to the temple. We had to be in the house by 7:00 because of a game between Chile and Colombia. We tried to make Empanadas, but since we´re poor they were really cheap and we didn´t have the oven on hot enough, but oh well they were ok.
 On Friday we had an interesting day. We had lunch with the familia Bahamonde and a family home evening afterward, but when we got there the dad was just leaving (and we can´t enter without him) and told us to return in 40 minutes. We came back and he still wasn´t home. We sat outside with their son talking about StarWars for the next hour and a half until the Hermana told us just to take lunch for the road. Needless to say our family home evening fell too. We found a nearby park to sit on the benches and eat. A guy walked up and told us to come inside to eat at his table. It was a guy we´d met on the street before so it was fine. We got in there and we realized he might be a little high. Then we ate and he and his brother had us step outside so that they could smoke. We talked about God and the Gospel for a little bit and then their friend came outside too with wine. They all started drinking and smoking and listening to Chileno screamo music. Then they all got drunk and got mad at us for trying to leave except for one of them. They tried to steal Elder Smith´s planner. The one drunk guy that was on our side almost hit his friend to get the planner back. Then we tried to leave, but the angry drunk guy had the keys to the pointed gate and wouldn´t let us out. We ended up jumping the gate to leave. That was pretty fun. The rest of that day was pretty uneventful.  

The next day we went on divisions with Elder Christensen. We did a service, taught some lessons, and went to English Class. Sunday was just the normal Sunday too. Today is PDay and we are going to try to make cinnamon rolls because Juan Carlos wants a family home evening with us and he wants cinnamon rolls so we are going to see if we can do it. Well, that´s about it. I have some pics of food, but that´s about it for this week. I look forward to reading some emails next week. I love you guys and hope you have a good week. See you soon!


Elder Sayler

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Bad Tan, Wet Dog Turd and Dr. Seuss

Hello fam!

Found a Doctor Seuss tree, I think it might be albino...
So these days have been, well, normal for the mission...but its going well. We had a baptism date scheduled (our first one), but that fell because the freaking investigator didn´t come to church last Sunday. Oh well, what can you do. Anyway, to answer the questions my mom is sending me...

The weather is getting awesome here. Because I can´t regulate my body heat for some reason, I still get really cold, but it is starting to get warmer. I´m going to send a picture of my ´´missionary tan´´. Its bad.
My shoes are working really well, I don´t wear the black ones very often, but the brown ones are great. My Pumas are actually giving me pretty bad blisters when we play court soccer. I think one of them is infected, it turned black and it hurts a lot, but oh well.
My pants are working really well. I managed to put on 10 pounds at the CCM working out every day at the gym and eating a lot (and yes that is an accomplishment) but out here I´ve lost about 15 pounds since about 4 weeks ago, but I´m not sure where I´m at now. Probably more...
My ugly ugly ´´missionary tan´´
I do eat constantly, but I´ve decided its better to go a little hungry than eat everything and not have any food for the next day or week

Now for my week...
Monday was good. We gave a blessing to a child at an inactive family´s house and that was cool. Then we went to Hermano Camargo´s house for a Family Home Evening and that was great. And that was Monday. 
Found this flower:
it looks like something from another planet
Tuesday honestly nothing cool happened. I wrote in my journal that I couldn´t remember anything that happened because it was so low-key. I did have a pretty good and spiritual study about faith, that was good. Wednesday had divisions and that was awful. I was with Elder "M" and that was terrible. We found a few possible future investigators and had a goodish lesson with the familia Zuñiga, an older couple trying to get married in the temple. Then Elder "M" taught a new investigator named Antonio. I say Elder "M" taught him because he wouldn´t let me say anything. Then we had a very key lesson with a recent convert named Jaime, his less active wife named Melissa, and their investigating son named Cristobal. Elder "M" ruined it. We were talking about repentance and we were talking about the scripture that we had assigned them to read. They were really engaged and we had just finished reading some of the verses to talk about that were important and were just starting to talk about how repentance is a way to change your heart and Elder "M" interrupted Jaime while he was explaining repentance to ask him if he had ever been to the temple. He´s only been a member for 6 months or so. Then I finally reworked the lesson back to repentance and Elder "M" interrupted me to ask them if they had ever done any family history. He wasn´t teaching according to their needs, he was teaching according to his personal goals. And I had told him before hand about the lesson plan. Needless to say the lesson didn´t go well at all, Cristobal has a baptism date, but the family didn´t come to church on Sunday, and our meeting with them on Saturday fell through because they disappeared. Won´t even pick up the phone. I hope it is something else and not us keeping them away. Anyway, Elder "M" has some unique ways of doing missionary work. We did our daily planning that night and we only planned for 4:00 and 4:30 before going to bed. The next day I think was the hardest day in my mission yet. We accidentally invited ourselves to lunch about an hour before lunch time and that was embarrassing, after that everything started going wrong. Nobody was home, we tried doing service for a lady in her yard and I grabbed a fat wet dog turd 
made some new friends
with my bare hand, almuerzo fell for the next day too, and just everything went wrong. We said a prayer and finally found a part member family to teach and then hung out at the ward mission leader´s house. He and his family are awesome. We were actually setting up a family home evening with them. 
The letter I wrote Elder Smith when he went on divisions to Machali
Plus that day the Zone Leaders tried to get us to move to Machali so that instead of walking half an hour to our sector each day we would have a half hour bus ride. Unfortunately, this would mean at least $35,000 a month in bus money. This is because one of the companionships in Manzanal live in Machali and have to do this. We should have a new house soon so we avoided that. The next day was significantly better. We taught a good lesson to the familia Zuñiga and found a super nice inactive family named the famillia Rios. They let us teach them a short lesson and give their super sick daughter a blessing. That was pretty spiritual. On Saturday we helped the familia Bahamonde move, what is probably the only move we will ever do in Chile. Our meeting with Jaime fell, but we did play sports with some investigators like we do every Saturday. I love playing soccer, but it takes a little getting used to the special rules for their court soccer. Yesterday was a good day too. We went to church and that was fun. Maxi, a young man who was very less active that we have been working with a lot (familia Ruiz de Gamboa) just got ordained to the priesthood and that was awesome! Then we had a Family Home Evening with the familia Madrid, our ward mission leader and his family, his brother and his family, and the familia Zuñiga. We made a sextouple batch of pretzels because everyone here wants to try American pretzels. We made a lot. Today is PDay and I have quite a few pictures to send. I love your emails and your questions, so keep ém coming. Love you all!
making pretzels

My breakfasts are starting to get really good...
mmmmm homemade!

Elder Sayler 

ps the recipes are working out really well. your boy is quite the chef

Monday, November 2, 2015

"SIKE" - the way this generation spells "Psych"

Hey Fam!

So this wasn`t a very exciting week...SIKE EVERY WEEK IS EXCITING!!!!!!!!! But first to answer your questions/respond to your news:

Umm so the only picture that would load is this one of these dogs that
an Hermana that gives really good lunches has. They have huge heads.
Anyway, more pics next week, sorry :(
I can`t believe there are going to be two more Morgans and another Bowers running around...
Dad was probs just skipping church when he got sick
Halloween was lame - all we did was nothing because like four people in this entire country celebrate it.

Now for the week:

Monday I made pretzels in preparation for a Noche de Hogar (family home evening) with a family of recent converts, an investigator, and an inactive member who is reactivating. They turned out ok. We finally found an investigator we have been looking for for about 5 weeks now and he`s not super interested in anything we have to say... 
on Tuesday we had that Noche de Hogar. They changed plans on us so we ended up making the dough there, waiting for it to rise, and then making the pretzels all before the night started. And then the freaking gas ovens take so long to bake stuff and they only cook the bottom so they didn`t turn out too well. But overall the night was fun and the Hermanas brought some no bake cookies which were great.
On Wednesday we had to be back at the Casa by 5:00, but it takes half an hour just to walk to our sector so we don`t even get out there usually until 4:00 so we walked around cancelling our meetings (they usually tell us at about 3-4 when we have to be home early) and at 4:30 we turned around to walk home. Hooray for exact obedience...but that night we had tons of time so I made some more pretzels and it turns out that they work a lot better when you flip them half way through baking them. Then I found that it is super delicious to fry the dough in butter so luckily I had a ton of butter because I used about all of it
We got a new part to our sector the other day and we decided to go and explore it while doing contactos (tracting) so we went out and it turns out that the whole street we walked only had one house on it and like a billion stores (even though it says there are residential areas) and so we walked for like an hour doing nothing because that street is freaking long and we were looking for people to invite to come unto Christ. Oh well. Ugh and then that night Elder Shley and Elder Rodriguez stayed the night because they live an 8 hour bus ride away and there was a training the next day that they had to go to so we had 6 people in our tiny apartment and Elder Shley is a spaz with no boundaries. 
The next day we went to the training. It was all of the trainees in my generation of missionaries and their trainors. That was pretty good with some good food. Later that day we talked to an older lady and gave her a Libro de Mormòn. Then we left to resume our search for other investigators, Ida and Alberto, who we hadn`t found in 6 weeks (I had never met them) and it turns out they live with the old lady we had found like half an hour before! It turns out that Alberto is inactive, but we got Ida to accept a baptism date! (Side note- people told me the people would be hopping in the font down here, but my trainor of almost a year with no baptisms says otherwise. And so does everybody else who only have one or two max baptisms.) But anyway, Ida is set to be baptized on the 28 of November if we can get her to come to church. After that, we taught two of our really, really old investigators and they promised to come to church.
 On Saturday we visited Francia (Noche de Hogar familia) to buy some empanadas! Then we went to a desayuno (breakfast) with the Familia Alvarez. Then we went to lunch. Then we started our fasts. We didn`t have any time for meetings because we had to clean the church. It was missionaries and Elders quorum`s turn. So pretty much it was two misioneros, two misioneras, and one Hermano from the Elders quorum. That took a while. Then we played soccer afterward, so that was fun. 
Sunday was fast Sunday and we were both dying from walking kilometer after kilometer without food or water. We got to church and out of the 15-20 people that had committed to coming to church within the week (that we had called and reminded to come,) only 2 came and that was kind of disappointing. Then we talked to a less active family, the Familia Urra, and they told us that they weren`t going to come to church anymore and that they wanted us to stop coming back and that was a weird discussion... but we did find Jaime after that and he`s an inactive member that`s trying to turn his life around. My compañero also scheduled a meeting with our ward mission leader, his wife, her sister, her husband, and their parents for me to make them pretzels on Wednesday, so wish me luck (or pray for me, that usually works too).
Today I learned how to fry bread for breakfast and it was soooooo goood. I can`t stop my hunger, it`s pretty much when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object. When Elder Sayler`s endless hunger reaches the end of his money and an empty cabinet...well you can blame me, the suggested budget says that we should only spend $10,000 a week on food, and that`s like 14 bucks. Anyway, life here is good and I`m having a great time! See y`all at Navidad!


Elder Sayler