Monday, October 19, 2015

85 - The Number of the Week

¡Hola Familia!

What is quite possibly the sketchiest house in the world...
Elder Smith wouldn`t let me knock on the door to talk to whoever lives there
Yes I am still crazy hungry and thirsty, we went shopping twice last week just to supply food. I went through two dozen eggs and two loaves of bread. Now I`m running out of money. I have to call the bank today because I can`t take money off my card :( Anyway this week was pretty good. It was mostly sunny and warm except today is raining and cold. I have to buy some pants for P-day because the ones I brought just aren`t cutting it. They`ll probably end up being like man-capris because of how tall I am. 
        Elder Smith during our study program called 
           DOCE SEMANAS!!!!          I hate it so much
So last Monday we found somebody pretty interesting during contactos. We found a guy who told us he was an atheist and he had some unique views on life. Then we learned that he was also a communist who was hoping during the communist regime to someday become president. We gave him a Book of Mormon and talked to him for a bit.
 The next day we went back to our new investigators, Antonio and Marìa. The were really sad because they had just returned from the doctor`s and learned that she has Alzheimer`s. They`re 85. They let us in and they talked for about an hour and we listened. Then we talked a little about the Plan of Salvation and we gave them a pamphlet and left. 
After 4 weeks, I finally met one of our investigators, Mariano. We taught him some English and a little bit of the Plan of Salvation as well. That was pretty cool.
The next day was really cold and rainy. We were soaked and taught some less active members named the Zuñiga family. The were making sopaipillas and they were super delicious. They didn`t give me the recipe after I asked though. 
The mountains from our apartment, but zoomed in
A view from someone else's window
Have you guys seen the pictures those kids drew of conference? Two kids at conference drew pictures of President Monson speaking and they both drew two angels next to him. That is pretty cool, you guys should look it up. One day we went out looking for a reference and we came across this weird guy. He was about mid sixties and had really sweaty hands and no personal space. He talked to us for a while and asked us if we had any American things on us (and that was weird). Then he asked if he could take a picture with us. He told us to follow him. We followed him thinking that he wanted some scenery or something in the background. We ended up in a professional photography studio and took pictures there. That was pretty weird. 
Some of our less active members that we are working with dropped their goal to go to the temple. That was pretty sad. 
We had a lesson with a recent convert named Francia with the Hermanas. That was a fun lesson because she served us once, which is pretty much a small dinner. Someday we are going to go over there and make empanadas with her. 
We found another potential investigator the next day. His name is Luis. He too is 85. He was really interested in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. 
On Saturday, all of our meetings fell through and we accidentally found two new investigators. They are Manuel and Ines and they are both 85. What luck. After that we got stopped in the street again to take some pictures and some random kid gave me a flower to give to my mom. So I have a flower for you mom. That`s about all that happened this week. Yesterday all of our meetings fell through and nothing really happened. Well I hope you are all doing well. I love you guys and will see you guys soon...ish. 


Elder Sayler

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