Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Floating Manhole Covers, Warts and Broken Lamps

One picture from day one of me and Elder Smith :)
I`m going to start getting recipes for the food down here because it is soooooo good! The weather down here is spastic, some days really hot and others really cold and rainy. We will get to that later though. I have to apologize because I haven`t had any chances to take pictures this week so this is going to be the first (and hopefully only) week that I don`t send pictures (please forgive me). Anyway, I`m glad to see you are all doing fine!
Now to the stories. I brought my journal today to help remind me what happened. We went on divisions last week again. I went off to be Elder Remon`s compaƱero in Machali! It is so beautiful there, its all hilly and not so much big city and I loved it. We taught some lessons about temple work and the Plan of SalvaciĆ²n. We had a member with us that is fully active, but when we started teaching resurrection, he started teaching about how he believes we will be resurrected and reincarnated and that was a little awkward... Then I got sick. I totally lost my voice for about four or five days. I couldn`t talk at all, it was awful. I felt mostly 100% ok other than my voice. The members started giving me honey (miel) and lemons to put in herbal teas and stuff. That actually was a huge blessing and helped a lot. It was difficult to teach, but the Lord found a way and blessed me when I needed it most.
 We have some recent converts that we are teaching, Francia and her 15 year old son Maxi, and their daughter (17?) Javiera is investigating. We have been teaching awesome lessons with them. 
On the 1st it poured and poured. All the streets were flooded. We were walking our daily half hour walk to our secor for lunch and our path was blocked by a TON of water flooding the way. I saw a manhole cover sticking out of the water and decided to go for it. I jumped on it, and it turned out it was floating and it dumped me in the huge puddle. We were 40 minutes late to lunch because I had to go home and change. It did stop raining after that though. -ugh that was the worst day of my life. I also keep hitting my head on doorways and people lamps and stuff. I broke one of the lamps in our casa the other day on accident...

That day we also got a call from the Hermanas that said we were going to sing at a funeral the next day, and I still didn`t have a voice. The next day the four of us sang `Mas Cerca Dios de Ti` a guy in our ward`s cousin`s funeral.
 We had a slight medical emergency after lunch and so we went to the nurse (Elder Smith has a huge wart on his finger and we had to go get some liquid nitrogen to burn it off :) ) and then all of our lessons fell through. So we ended up teaching the Hermana`s investigator with them. His name is Patricio. He`s like 17 and the perfect investigator. He`ll get baptized. 
We got to play soccer afterward and that was fun once I learned all the court soccer rules. Then came conference the next two days. Conference was awesome! It was super spiritual and I learned so much. Elder Holland temped me to break mission rules and call my mom, and Elder Bednar tempted me to call my dad (lol chistoso). After the last session we met a guy with the Hermanas and we Bible bashed for about two hours until we had to go home to meet curfew. Pretty much a great day. That`s pretty much my week. I felt the spirit a lot and my testimony grew. I`m getting a ton better at spanish. There are still people that I can`t understand (lots of them), but I am understanding more. Its also getting easier to teach by the power of the spirit. Overall, so far its been a great mission. I love you guys and promise pictures next week!


Elder Sayler

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  1. I love reading your blog! It's a little like sharing some of your experience with you. No worries about accidentally breaking that lamp, your light shines brighter than any lamp! QUESTION: HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR A PACKAGE TO REACH YOU VIA U.P.S.? Have you heard of any better way to send a package? We love you.