Monday, October 26, 2015

Empanadas, $40,000 and a Puppy

Hey Mom and everyone else who reads the blog!

With Elder Montenegro on his last day here :(
Chile`s been good to me this week. We finally are beginning to see the fruits of our labours. Today I`m in the process of making pretzels. The dough looks good and its rising right now. So about that package, I have a few requests: My Ipod with tons of music (the mission rules say motab and any church approved music so I guess David Archuletta and BYU Choirs singing about church stuff) (I`d appreciate as much of anything as possible) (make sure Dad`s church playlists are on there too) also a charger chord, wall charger with USB plug in, Mike `n Ike`s (Christmas) and one or two of those huge Snickers bricks that are like a pound or more of Snickers. That`s pretty much the essentials other than photos of everyone of course, but anything else is welcome! 
So anyway back to the mission life...its going really well. I tried to make pretzels last week, but all of our levadura was dead so I had to go buy more today. Oops levadura is yeast. 
Yes of course I bought Dunkin`Donuts, it was like $7,500 or something like that, but I thought it was worth it. Today I took some money off, about $40,000. $20,000 went into my emergency cash fund so don`t worry, I`m not wasting it. I just needed to buy food because I keep eating so much. 
We found a new investigator this week. His name is Helmuth. We have been looking for him again for about 3-4 weeks now. We finally taught him all of lesson one and he`s super interested, its great.
The next day we had a zone meeting and taught the Familia Zuñiga, a less active family who wants to go to the temple.
We made candle holders for Hermana Molly
 and I`m not going to tell you guys which one I made
Thursday was my official one month in Chile! One of the Elder`s in our casa left on a special transfer, it was pretty sad... Elder Montenegro is gone :( He was replaced by Elder Perez who is pretty cool too though. We had the best lunch ever that day too with Clementina Galarce. All it was was Chicken and a great potato salad, but she made extra for the Elders and kept feeding us. It was the best.
 Then we had a service project at Hermana Molly`s house. We decorated candle holders for some stake activity.
Washing a car, and yes, I am holding
 the most adorable puppy in the world
 The next day we did some service for Hermana Valenzuela. We were going to climb on her roof and wash her windows for her, but she changed her mind and we ended up washing her car lol. Well, I guess service is service. We also played with her adorable puppy. 

Making Empanadas <3
And that night we went to a recent convert (se llama Francia) `s house to teach a lesson, but ended up learning how to make empanada dough! The next day we went back to learn how to fill them and we bought two and they were the best empanadas in the world I think. After our lunch we helped two other Elders in Manzanal to teach a lady and that lesson took 3 hours. She`s an interesting lady. She claims to have seen the heavens open and see Christ and Angels. She also sees ghosts and other things haunting her house. I`m not sure I don`t believe her. 
Eating Empanadas <3<3<3
Then we went and played soccer with our investigators. Sunday was a great day too! We went to church and Francia was there, but also her less active son and inactive husband. He told us the day before that he had a dream that he looked in a mirror and saw the Savior suffering and so he decided he needed to come back to church. It was super cool because we`ve been trying to work with that family for a while now. We have a family home evening with them this week. 

I almost died on our way to lunch today.
Luckily, I ducked at the last second...
After church we found a less active member named Jaime that we have been looking for for about two weeks and he is super excited to change his life around to come back to Christ. The spirit was super strong in that lesson. Then we found a future investigator that we had contacted earlier that week, and it turned out he was an inactive member who we are hoping will come back to church soon. That was pretty much my week. Things are starting to pick up. We keep finding new investigators and we keep getting new references, but these blessings take a lot of work to receive them, so we keep working hard and with faith. Well that`s about it for this week, I guess I`ll email you guys next week and Skype at Christmas. I love you guys.


Elder Sayler

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  1. So glad to hear about your mission and that you are doing so well, glad that Chile is treating you well. You will be so blessed for serving the Lord, it will make your entire life amazing ~!! We send you our prayers and know that you will be directed to the doors of the people seeking the gospel. ~!!
    Sending love ~!!
    Love Ed & Jan Wagley, Parker's grandparents