Monday, October 12, 2015

$15,000 Grocery Bill, Sports, and a Police Car

Hey Guys (and Mom)
Found a police car:
 its a minivan with steel grates on the windows

So this week has been pretty good. A lot went on. We bought empanadas and stuff for lunches and stuff. We got to try artichoke for lunch. I wasn´t as appreciative of it as I should have been, but I hid it really well. I got my first in-field haircut and I think it looks pretty ok. 
We are working with a recent convert about going to the temple soon because her 1 year just expired. Then on Tuesday all of our meetings fell through. I caught a cold. We didn´t feel very productive that day.
My room: I sleep top left
One of our two baños,
 this one is about twice the size of the one I get to use
 On Wednesday we had a zone meeting. Elder Smith and I were supposed to prepare quick testimonies about enduring to the end and temple work, but then we learned during the meeting that we were supposed to teach for 10-20 minutes. Luckily the spirit was there and it went really well. We had divisions too. I went to Manzanal afterward with Elder Montenegro. We had a lesson with a possible future investigator and afterward he invited Elder Montenegro and me to his house to have french fries and play playstation. That was a first. We couldn´t though :( After that we had a few lessons, but nothing really great. 
On Thursday we found our first actual investigators!!! Their names are Antonio and María. They are about 85 years old, but super nice! We talked to them outside their gate for about 20-30 minutes and then they invited us inside to learn more. They showed us every room and picture inside their house for about 20 minutes. Then we taught for another 20-30 minutes or so. It was long, but great. That night I got to go to bed a little earlier.
On Friday we got called out by the Hermanas early to help them teach a male investigator that they couldn´t enter his house without us. That was fine. Then we got to and from lunch late. Elder Smith got sick so we had to run home. Then we talked to a member at the chapel for a while. Then all of our meetings fell through. Then we played sports with some of the members and investigators. That day felt really unproductive.
Elder Smith in his natural habitat
On Saturday we had to give the Stake YM President some testimonies about why we came out on a mission. We had to take a collectivo (type of taxi) there and back because it was so far. That was a lot of money. Then we started our fasts. All of our meetings fell through again and we didn´t have anything productive so we just knocked doors for a while. Then we had another sports time with the Hermana´s investigators that we had committed too. Afterward we were all dying of hunger and thirst. 
kitchen <3
Yesterday was a great fast Sunday. I bore my testimony in spanish to the ward and it went pretty well. I think my fast triggered another growth spurt because I can´t stop eating and drinking still. I ate all my food yesterday so now I have to do a lot of shopping today. Yesterday I ate half a chicken, 4 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, two bags of top ramen, 2 liters of water, half a liter of piña juice, a glass of milk, a roll of oreos, and more. This morning I can´t quench my hunger or thirst either. I already drank a liter of water and ate a huge bowl of oatmeal. I have a huge shopping list for this week... (mom's reply: If the hunger doesn't slow down in a week I would be concerned about a tape worm - if you start to lose weight tell your presidente (especially after that bout with diarrhea in the MTC as that can be a sign of getting one)(and Thomas emailed back: I dunno about a tape worm, I just have a ravishing hunger that can't be tamed! It's ok though I spent $15,000 on groceries just now so it should last me the week -lol.)  
living room :)
We found another potential investigator yesterday too, but he lives in Santiago :( Anyway, that was my week. Life´s good, its just starting to heat up and get sunny down here so that´s good :) I love you guys, and I´ll write again next week!

Love, Elder Sayler

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