Monday, September 28, 2015

My first 7 days in Chile

gracias to Maestra Silva
So this is officially my seventh day in Chile and I love it here! My first sector is called Cachapoal, right in the middle of Rancagua. We get almuerzo every day with members and its awesome! My favorites are the empanadas (mom I will try to get you some recipes). Chilean spanish is nothing like Mexican spanish. First of all, even the Latinos serving here ask me if I can understand spanish, and then they say, ``¿but can you understand Chilean?`` Chilean spanish is super fast, slurred together, and they add ``po`` to the end of random words. I guess they consider it a language other than spanish. I agree. Leaving the CCM I had a pretty good grasp of things, but now its back to square one. Some people here speak a little english. The most I have heard while doing contactos (tracting) is somebody yelling ``¡F*** you!`` repeatedly.
Elder Smith (my companion)
 with Elder Montenegro (on the left)

Elder Smith is a great companion and trainer. He`s only been out for 8 or 9 months, but he knows spanish really well and is such a great missionary. Somebody messed up on the living situations so our casa is about a 1/2 hour walk from our sector, but it makes the time go by faster when you have to leave 30-45 minutes early for everything. I guess they are trying to fix it, but I`m not that worried about it. Our casa has great missionaries other than Elder Smith. Elder Christensen and Elder Montenegro are with us too. They are great. 

Lunch today at a restaurant - called a churillana I think
Everything here is measure in ``Mil`` amounts of pesos, which is thousands. Our lunch today was 3.450 pesos (they also use a . instead of a , in numbers). We don't have very many investigators, mostly ``Menos activos`` who are less active members and we teach them. We also do A LOT of contactos. 
I guess packages usually get here within a month or two through the US Postal Service, and they said they haven`t had a package stolen yet (and its free to pick them up as well). 
Me with Elder Christensen 
We are focusing a lot on serving others in order to generate more interest in our message. We are going to go paint somebody`s roof this week, we changed somebody`s flat tire the other day, we keep trying to help people wash their cars, but they never want help, we are going to help somebody do yard-work this week, etc. I`m excited to do something good for an investigator sometime this mission, but first we need an investigator. 
There are stray dogs everywhere here. Its been pretty cold, but we get a warm day once in a while. The only lesson I`ve gotten to teach so far is the First Vision once, but thats ok. My spanish is getting a lot better, my biggest struggle is actually understanding. And the Chileans have told me that I speak like a Mexican. They have  a word here that is similar to saying, ``shoot`` or ``darn``. It is ``chupalla``, which is actually just a straw hat and I`m not sure why they use it but they do. My Zone is pretty cool too. We played soccer today, and some of them are pretty good!. They think its funny to try and talk to me in english. There`s an Hermana here that`s probably 6-3. We are currently teaching Elder Montenegro how to use english slang. Its funny because the Latino missionaries will be speaking spanish and you`ll hear them say ``fetch`` or ``freaking`` and you know an American Elder taught them that. That`s about it, but more will come! I love you guys! Until next time!

Love, Elder Sayler


  1. So glad you made it safely. I'm enjoying your blog, you're very positive about your adventure and it sounds very exciting. I love the pictures! It definitely isn't cold here! We're still using the air conditioning! Lots happening here. Grandpa is still working on the back yard. He is extending the raised bed around the fruit trees so he has some place to put the dirt he is removing from the backyard in preparation for the new deck. The new deck will run the length of the house. Meanwhile, we are going Solar. The electrical work is being done Wednesday and the panels placed Thursday. There is work starting tomorrow, I think it's the building frames for the panels. Mid October we are replacing all the tile floors with hardwood and getting granite countertops,new sink and faucet.

  2. I ran out of room so had to make a second comment! As I mentioned above, grandpa and I are keeping busy. It will look different next time you visit. I'm happy to hear you are enjoying your time in Chili. Keep safe, we love you.