Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mexico City Temple dedication and the coolest urinal I have ever seen.

One of my best friends
So last Friday was day 31 for my mission. That means that no matter what month we are judging by, I had been gone for one month ish. Elder Johnson (a large Hawaiian Elder) let us borrow his ukulele for PDay, and then for the rest of the week until about Tuesday. I miss my uke :(

On Saturday, Day 32, we got to watch the cultural celebration for the rededication of the Mexico City Mexico Temple.
I thought it was a nice touch :)
Everyone here has a Nacho bicycle
 On Sunday, Day 33, we got to watch the Mexico City Mexico Temple rededication. It was so hot and I was so tired. There was one point where 6/8 of our district was sleeping. When we finally got to the rededication prayer by President Eyring, I closed my eyes, bowed my head...and fell asleep. I woke up during "Amen". Total bummer.
Coolest urinal I have ever seen,
at the Mexico City Temple Visitor Center
Carvings on the side of the Visitor's Center
We had a class about the Holy Ghost. He's way more important to the Plan of Salvation than we give him credit for, I think. It´s pretty incredible when you realize his huge role. I mean, he is part of the Godhead, which means he´s just about as important as God or Jesucristo, but I think too often we take his gifts for granted.
On Monday, Day 34, Elder Burgess woke up with a kink in his neck. He held his head crooked all day. At the end of every Sunday devotional, they do a slideshow with pictures of all the districts that are leaving. We took our pictures on Monday. Elder O´Barr and I held our heads at an angle in the pictures like Elder Burgess lol. That day was also the first day any of us ever received mail. Elders King and Pemberton got mail.
We had to take a survey about ourselves that Hermana Morrell and Hermana Blake (we call her Herman) made for us. It was roughly 80% about girls and our preferences. It was pretty hilarious.
With the Christus in the Visitor's Center
On Tuesday, Day 35, we celebrated the Mexican Independence Day! Everything was decorated with the colours of the Mexican flag! That night was the last night for the rest of the Elders in our Casa, so we stayed up all night hanging out with them. I beat Elder O´Barr in "What Are the Odds" so he had to eat a cricket. Elder Zuccato had to eat a rolie polie (potato bug). We stayed up until 12:00 because that is when all of the Mexicans shout "Viva Mexico" but we didn´t hear anything. So we all shouted Viva Mexico and went to bed. We found out the next day that all of the Mexicans go to downtown Mexico City to shout and celebrate so we were nowhere near them.
On Wednesday, Day 35, we made a return survey for the Hermanas. We made sure there were plenty of stupid questions about boy preferences. Herman filled hers out and was really thoughtful and funny. Hermana Morrell said to figure out what the perfect proposal for her is, watch "The Bachelorette." <eye roll>
Street corner in Mexico City
Today, Day 36, is PDay. We went to the temple today. We were supposed to do a session, but we had 109 people going with us so they cut our trip short and took us to the visitor center instead. It was a little disappointing, but it was cool to see the visitor center. I found my first investigator today. We were on the bus stopped at the only stoplight in Mexico City and another bus stopped by us. We looked and saw this old guy looking at us, looking excited, probs because this is a bus full of white people in suits. I pulled out a card and showed it to him. He looked excited so we both reached out the windows of our buses to give him the card. He looked at it and was so excited that he started showing to the people around him. Then our buses left and I never saw him again.
Well, I found out this week that I leave Monday afternoon at 4:30. We have a 8.5 hour flight ahead of us to get to Santiago, Chile, and then a bus ride or something to Rancagua. I´m so excited! I miss you guys a lot!
I love you guys!

Elder Sayler


  1. Glad to be able to read about your adventures while serving the Lord. Keep up the good work!

  2. Glad to be able to read about your adventures while serving the Lord. Keep up the good work!