Thursday, September 3, 2015

3 Weeks Left in Mexico City

Mi casa es su casa
Awwww how cute I am
Hey Mom - 

I´ll start by answering your questions:

Yes I´m getting super excited for Chile, partially because I´m excited to go and partially because I´m tired of the CCM!
Thank you so much for the package! I got it on friday morning! I guess there´s a way to send mail through the website too, and that only takes 2-3 business days.
I haven´t received any mail yet - no one has in our district - but I check twice a day (partially for me and partially because everyone yells at me if I don´t)
I will send pictures later, but I haven´t had time to take any yet. I should have taken pictures of breakfast this morning - it was tortilla chips soaked in watery red sauce with cheese cubes sprinkled on it. It was so bad.

So I brought my journal with me so that I could remember cool things about my week. There probably won't be very many things to say because most of it is like ´´i felt the spirit todayyy...´´ but here we go:

My physical aspirations in life...
So I´m having troubles finding a lot of cool things to write about. On day 12 we had a devotional and a bat flew around for a while. We came back the same day after we had scared away the bat for another devotional and this time a moth flew in. The moth was the same size as the bat. Someone caught it in their suit coat and tossed it outside. I've decided that that thing was big enough to be the mystery meat at dinner. On the same day we ate a big breakfast and went back to the classroom and played a game called "what are the odds" (madi should know it) long story short I ended up having to chug 1.5 liters of water in under a minute. I did it...then walked outside and threw up 6 times. Tender mercy of the Lord - I somehow kept my breakfast!!!!! Our roommate, Elder Burgess, talks in his sleep every night at about 11:40. Sometimes he sits up in his bed and looks at us. It's really creepy. Last night he just started laughing hysterically. Sometimes he has conversations with himself, he tells himself something in english and replies to himself in spanish. Last night I had a dream that I was doing timed laps on the Tour de France race. I finished the whole race on bicycle in 1 minute 68 seconds. I was about to do a timed lap in a Bugatti Chiron (to see which one is faster of course) but then the alarm went off so I only got to turn it on. The engine sounded really good in my dream though....I wrote a rap about our day at the CCM but I´ll just tell you in two years, gotta have some stuff to talk about when I get back ;) I was in the shower the other day and all the water in the entire CCM shut off. It was a bad start to my day. We are on a private well and something went wrong I guess. I sang with the CCM choir at a devotional the other day. We sang Where Can I Turn For Peace. Elder O´Barr and I sang and when we sat down, we realized both of our flies were down. Luckily, we sang in the back row so we´re all good. Yesterday was pretty uneventful. Usually my journal entries take up about a page, but yesterday´s was: ´´Today I ate some Chokis (mexican chips ahoy, 14 pesos for 20!) and got chewed out by Maestra. Overall, it was a pretty good day. PS tomorrow is pday´´

The mess isn´t mine, I promise. Top left is Elder "Sleep" Burgess,  Top right is
Elder Hinton, mi compañero. I sleep below him & Elder O´Barr sleeps below Burgess
I´ve been feeling the Spirit a lot more lately than I consistently ever have. My testimony is growing so much stronger. The reason there wasn´t a lot of stuff for me to talk about in my journal is because my journal is filled with all sorts of spiritual inspiration and lessons I´ve learned throughout the weeks here. I´m not going to type it all out for the world to see, but you guys can read it when I get back or I might send it to you guys, I don´t know yet. The Lord has blessed my life immensely and I know that I´m on the right path for me at this time. The CCM is hard at times, but I know that with the Lord I can do all things. I miss you guys, but often there´s so much to be done that I don´t have time to think about anything other than the gospel. I love you guys and I´ll send pictures later!

   This is where we write in our journals every night.
       Mine is the couch closest to the camera,
                 Hinton´s is across from me, 
  O´Barr´s is on the right, and Burgess on the left.

Elder Sayler

PS all packages are welcome ;)
What a tree hugger...
his dad would be so proud :,)

A la tienda!

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