Thursday, August 20, 2015

CCM in Mexico

Elder Sayler and Elder Hinton

Hey Mom!

I miss you too! I am taking pictures, and I'll send them when I can, but the camera didn't come with a way to upload them. I also don't have very many because cameras are only allowed on pday. We only just started learning basic Spanish, but we've already taught 5 lessons in Spanish. I haven't gotten any mail yet, but I'll keep checking. I've been waiting so long to write you guys, but now I have no idea what to say! The food isn't very good and it isn't full immersion like we thought it would be. It's mostly white people here. My companion's name is Elder Hinton. He's kind of quiet but he's pretty cool. He doesn't know any Spanish so it's kind of tough. There's two other Elders in my room and district that we hang out with. They are Elder Burgess and Elder O'Barr - I love Elder O'Barr! He's 6-2, 210 lbs., ripped, football player, volleyball player, that can sing really well. He's also a ginger hahaha. I realize now why missionaries can't wait for Mother's day and Christmas! The first four days at the CCM were so hard and long, but once Sunday came we all started to love it! The days go by so fast and we can feel the Spirit all the time and I've grown so much. You'd be proud of me! btw CCM is Centro de Capacitaci√≥n Misional. I'm so glad its finally pday! It's been 9 days straight without a break, and now I can finally relax! But no naps :( I had a list of things I need, but I left it at the casa...Packages do get through, they just don't transfer from the CCM. I could use a way to upload photos. Elder Burgess has a thing that has a usb plug in and you put the camera card straight into the plug. Then you can upload photos with only the card. I'd also like a snap on watch, like those bracelets dad used to get from his hood to coast runs. That would make life so much easier! I'm not sure what else, but snacks are always welcome.  I've been praying for you guys. Oh, I could also use a lined comp book for notes. I'm going to try to get pics out today, but we might have to wait until next week. Well, I love you all and I miss you! Can't wait to come home, but also can't wait to go out to the field and serve the Lord!

My District
Elder Sayler

I actually have a little more time because we all are trying to share the same uploading device for photos and it's really slow. You could say I'm at the end of the line. There's 8 people in my district. 6 guys and 2 girls. They're all super great and I love them all! Well...most of them all! I wish we were devious enough to get on our emails at the same times to email back and forth! I don't know that its according to the rules though...I'll have to ask Presidente Alvarado. So I don't know how to write good emails, so if anyone has questions for me I'd be delighted to answer them. We wake up at 6:15 every morning, all four of us shower, and we are always late to personal study time in the classroom. Then we go to bfast at 8-830. After that we study Spanish and PMG (Preach My Gospel) in our classrooms until 11:40-12:30 for gym time. Then lunch from 1-1:45. Then we study languages and teach a lesson until 6:30 when its dinner time. At 7:45 we go back to the classroom and study some more! That's about the typical day at the CCM! I Love you all!


Elder Sayler

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  1. Ok, I see my last comment made it! Here is a quick version of the first comment that disappeared! I read your letter to your mom and know you arrived safe. Thank you for sending me a message letting me know you are safe. You don't have to write long messages, a quick hello is wonderful and I can check your blog for updates. Questions: what do you do for fun? Is it hot there? Do you have air conditioning? How is the Spanish coming along? When is the latest a package can arrive and you receive it before going to Chili? I read you can receive packages but they won't be forwarded. One last question, do you have to pay money to pick up a package in Mexico? Your mom said something hing about it costing you if we sent care packages, even when we paid,the,postage. Love you, grandma j