Thursday, August 27, 2015


Dear Mom,
Mexico City Temple
I bought an sd card reader to upload pics with! I had to pay with my debit card so that should be the only transaction on it. I still havent gotten any letters so i think they got stolen. I´ve been promoted to district leader! It doesn´t mean anything though...Elder Christopherson came and spoke at a devotional yesterday! It was really good. He talked about Charity and about the Savior. I got to go outside the wall today and visit the temple open house. We got a quick tour and stuff. The Mexico City Temple is so beautiful! I´ll get to go through it on my last thursday in the CCM! We can still only take pictures on PDay so I probably won´t have very many until we get to Chile. I´m really struggling with one of our zone leaders. He´s really bossy and rude to me sometimes. Only four more weeks to deal with him! YAYYYYY! 
Mexico City from the bus

To answer some questions:

The cooks try to make American food, but they do a very poor job so its like soggy corndogs and bad hamburgers, but sometimes they do chicken and stuff and that isn´t too bad!
I´ve been doing my laundry for years, its just the part where I keep running out of [under]garments! (I might use my debit card to buy more)
Usually we play volleyball for gym time because nobody in our district is coordinated enough to play other games! That and we don´t want to get all  sweaty because we don´t want to shower again.
Elder Hinton is my great companion and he will stay my companion for the duration of the CCM
Spanish is coming along, we teach every day in spanish so its getting better.
The weather at the CCM is kind of spastic - It will be freezing in the morning, hot in the day, and then pouring rain with lightning and thunder at night! And it rains almost everytime new missionaries come...
My District
 dont really know what else to sayyy....

I miss music a lot! It´s so hard! I used to listen to music everyday to relax and release stress, but now I can´t because no music in the CCM! I´m also running out of gum but we´re not aloud to have that in public either...I´m going to be honest, I kind of miss Nimbus..............Next week´s email should be better! I wrote a bunch of things to talk about in my journal and then accidentally left it in my casa, so you´ll get two weeks worth of experiences next time (maybe, there might not be anything cool). And if you do decide to send a package, make sure there´s a portable ping pong net and paddles in it. I miss you guys and I love you all!

Elder Sayler

A letter in response to questions from gma Josie:

For fun we play mostly volleyball, there isn't too much free time. We play a little foosball during potty breaks though!
It's generally cold in the mornings, pretty warm in the afternoon, and then often thunder and lightning storms at night! Hahaha very diverse weather!
Spanish is coming along well, it's a slow process, but we teach lessons in Spanish daily so I'm getting better.
I still haven't gotten any mail, but there is a way to get mail and packages through within a few days. If you google "how to get packages into the mexico city ccm" it should come up with the websites.
I'd just say don't send care packages yet, but the online package thing works well and is less expensive because it sends it out of Mexico.

 - Elder Sayler

and in response to gma Susie and papa Honey:

Hey Gram Susie and Pop Sonny!
Thanks for the email! The days are kind of flying by now, much quicker than the first week did, that's for sure! It's fine serving a foreign mission, I just do my best and the Lord picks up the rest. Or he lets me do it...either one! My mom made a blog about me! I think its so check it out!

I love you guys,
Elder Sayler

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